Days / Nights

8 days – 7 nights

Athens – Veria – Thessaloniki – Ano Poria – Serres – Drama – Kavala – Philippi – Adriani – Thasos – Ouranoupoli – Mount Athos – Palaios – Panteleimonas


Our first day starts with our gathering and departure for the beautiful, second largest city, Thessaloniki. We will stop for our coffee at Kamena Vourla. Next stop is the city of Vergina, where a tour by certified guide will follow in the Archaeological Area which includes the tombs and other priceless treasures. Next destination is Veria, where we will visit The Step of Apostle Paul, where the Apostle of the Nations in 54 A.D. declared the Word of God and Barbouta, the Jewish settlement. Nowadays, Barbouta is one of the most ravishing places of Imathia with well-preserved buildings along Tripotamos. Time for lunch will be given and then we will leave for Thessaloniki. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Our tour begins with St. Dimitrius Church. We will admire the mosaics of the Church and see where the Saint martyred. Then, we will visit the White Tower and the Upper Town where we can enjoy a panoramic view of Thessaloniki. Our next stop is the Archaeological Museum. Thereafter we have free time for wandering around the center of the city and for lunch. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after breakfast to visit Lake Kerkini, which has been characterized as an National Park and according to the International Convention Ramsar one of the 10 most important wetland of Greece. The lake offers the ideal birdwatching conditions and today is one of the best places in Europe for natural observation of 300 rare and protected species which live and reproduce here. Departure for the Ano Poria, a village with history, in an area of rare natural beauty, at the foot of Mount Belles. Time for our lunch in Upper Poria and then we depart for Serres. Arrival and check in at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after breakfast to visit the caves of Alistrati , one of the finest and largest caves of Greece and Europe, which has rich inlay, with great variety of stalagmites, stalactites and helictites, i.e. rare formations created against the laws of gravity and following irregular courses. Our next stop is the town of Drama, a city with a long history, since it has been inhabited from the prehistoric times with its name coming from the words Hydrama – Dyrama, because of the abundance of waters that flow in the region. Free time for lunch and departure for the city of Kavala, the old town which has been inhabited continuously since the 7th century BC. Arrival at our hotel and arrangement in our rooms. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after breakfast for the Baptistery of St. Lydia in the banks of the river Zygakti, at the spot where the first European Christian was baptized by the Apostle Paul. At the holy place of her baptism she raised a temple – baptistery, as in the adjacent riverbank Zygakti established outdoor Baptistery. Our next visit is Philippi, the most important Archaeological Site in Eastern Macedonia. Time for our tour. Our next stop is Adriani where we will visit a selected winery ( There we will have time to tour as well as the chance to have a wine tasting, in which we will be offered a variety of cheese and sausages. Return to the city of Kavala, where we will visit the most important sights. Free time for tour. Return to our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Our sixth day includes a trip in the island of Thasos. We will arrive there with a ferry boat from Keramoti. Arrival at the Port. Our tour of the island starts. Passing from Prinos – Skala – Limenaria we come to Archangel Monastery, where we will have time to tour. Following that we will pass from Poto – Gold Coast and get to Golden Beach, where – depending on the weather – we will stay for swimming and lunch. Then we return to the port where we will have time for wandering. We will board the ferry boat and return to Kavala. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after our breakfast for a visit at Ouranoupoli and a cruise to Mount Athos. On the peninsula of Mount Athos pristine forests are spread everywhere and end up at the Mount Athos at 2033 meters. Mount inhabited exclusively by monks, and it can be visited, after special permit, only by men as the visitation is forbidden for the female sex. While on the boat, we will have the opportunity to see historical monasteries that emerge over cliffs, listening to a detailed description – tour of the monasteries and their history. We will have our lunch at Ouranoupoli and then return to Kavala and our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


After our breakfast we will be heading back to Athens, with a stop for coffee and we will reach the traditional settlement of Palaios Panteleimonas. The village, built at an altitude of 440 m. on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, is one of the finest examples of traditional architecture in northern Greece. Free time for lunch in the traditional taverns of the village. Following that, we will take the way back to Athens, with another stop for coffee. Arrival in the evening, with the best memories.

We present you various proposals of excursions but also we can customize our services “depending on your needs



  • The Step of Apostle Paul

  • St. Dimitrius Church – White Tower – Upper Town in Thessaloniki

  • Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

  • Lake Kerkini

  • Caves of Alistrati

  • Baptistery of St. Lydia

  • Archaeological Site of Philippi

  • Thasos Island Cruise

  • Archangel Monastery in Thasos

  • Mount Athos Cruise

  • Mount OlympusIsthmus of Corinth

Extra Tips (without extra charge):

Time to taste famous wines at a Traditional Winery


Thasos Island Cruise
Mount Athos Cruise
Memorable Folklore Night: Enjoy your dinner watching a folklore show