To whom it may concern,
I have been involved with leading and planning dozens of college age study tours and semesters abroad since 1999. I have had occasion to deal with many tour companies and travel agencies. No company has provided better serve and value than Timothy’s Family. Our requests have been answered promptly and accurately. The level of personal concern shown for our students is absolutely unmatched. I highly recommend them for your consideration!

Moody Bible Institute

To whom it may concern,
By the présent document, Iwant to confirm that we hâve, as a School, hired : “Dreams Give Wings Travel IKE”, for our Trip in Greece inJune 2016. We are travelling in new destinations everyyear with our students since 2008. : “Dreams Give Wings Travel IKE” was so far the best company we hired among the years. They were really flexible, adjusting really well with our demands and also were just excellent to help us discover the area we travelled in. We were really feeling part of the family. Also, during the 9 days they were responsible of our tour, we had no delay, no unfortunate change of schedule and really no stress!

Iwould recommend that company to everybody and Iwill assuredly use their services again for another trip in Greece.
For any further information or détail, please feel free to e-mail me at:

Teacher and school trip responsible

Stéphane Pelletier

Vanguard Ecole | School

On behalf of students, teachers and staff of our College, we would like to express our deep thanks for the excellent provision of services of the travel agency Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family”.

The cooperation of our College with your agency started about one year ago and we had several trips with you. Throughthese we were able to understand how much you love your job; always working with professionalism, consistency and a smile.

Finally, we would like to express our warmest congratulations, because you take tourism and your customers very seriously, which is very encouraging for all of us who are or will become travellers, but also for Greek tourism in general.


Argyris Petrou

Greek Bible College