Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company is active in the field of tourism, providing various services.


“Timothy’s Family” Company’s basic principle and commitment, as well as philosophy of each of each staff member, is to provide customers with services that meet their contractual requirements in full, comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and achieve the quality objectives set by the company for every project it undertakes.


In order to achieve the above, the Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company’s Administration:

  • Has adopted the Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 International Standard, which applies to all its activities affecting the quality of its services and its customers’ satisfaction.
  • Constantly reviews and improves the characteristics of its services, where possible, as well as the effectiveness of its Procedures and of the entire QMS.
  • Sets measurable objectives for quality in service provision and in every Procedure level. These objectives are established and assessed with regard to the degree of their achievement in the context of the QMS review by the Company’s Top Management.
  • Provides the necessary resources for the seamless, effective and efficient operation of the Company.
  • Invests in the continuous training, notification and education of each personnel, so that they enhance the Quality of each of their activities.
  • Monitors, measures and assesses the critical parameters and procedures, in order to ensure Quality thereof.


Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” Company recognizes and rewards teamwork, as well as individual effort, invests in people ad respects its customers.


Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company has shared this effort with all its Employees, Suppliers, Collaborators, and Customers, and urges them to facilitate its work.


Our mission is to promote high quality suggestions and solutions to its customers, in the organization of trips, meeting all their needs and expectations.


Our vision is to satisfy our customers’ needs in full in the tourism sector and to develop interpersonal relationships of trust and friendship, which will lead to unique travel experiences.


Our aim is to:

  • Maintain the quality of services provided.
  • Ensure the continuous success of the Company’s performance in the market.
  • Respond to today’s needs and demands, as well as to competition.
  • Respond successfully to our customers’ demands and expectations.

Be mindful of the demands and needs of the interested parties, during the design and execution of our services.