Registrations – Applications for Participation in Organized Trips:

Registrations are made by visiting the Office of Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company or our collaborators’ Offices, via regular mail, fax, telephone call or via the internet, on condition that, in order to reserve a seat for the respective trip:

1st payment of the respective advance payment provided for is made (within (5) business days and within (20) days before departure) or the whole amount in cash or by bank transfer or by credit card (repayment within (10) days before departure) and

2nd unreserved acceptance and compliance with the present General Conditions of Participation is guaranteed.

Valid registration requires the proof of payment of the advance payment to indicate the respective trip and any other relevant information. The right of participation in the trip is guaranteed by repayment of the total value and the relevant charges 10 (ten) full days before departure. In case of non repayment of the total value of the trip within the provided time limits, the Company holds the right to cancel the reservation and claim a cancellation fee, in accordance with the cancellation terms provided herein. The contracting party representing his family or group is obliged to notify everyone represented by him about the details and terms of the trip. Those participating via a third party have the same obligations as the representative who registered them for the trip and the Company provides them with any relevant information, upon request.

Trip Prices – Charges etc.:

Trip prices are calculated on the day of issue of the price list/form, based on the cost lists of services, the applicable fares/surcharges, taxes, as well as any other cost factor. The Company upon exhaustion of every possibility of anticipation, reserves the right to readjust the prices, when the above mentioned factors change, due to unexpected increases before the trip’s departure time. In case, for the above mentioned reasons, the trip’s price increases, the Traveler has the right to accept the respective increase or cancel its participation without cancellation fee, if the increase exceeds 10% of the total value of the trip, and have their money refunded without interest. The same term applies to reduced participation (less than 20 persons) in the trip, as well as to any fare difference, in case the available seats for the group have been filled and the Carrier or the Hotel Owner requests a higher fare or rental fee for the additional seats. Discounts for children, if applicable, vary and are offered when two adults pay the regular rental fee for the same room/cabin. Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company has the right to make discounts for pre-registration or offer “last-minute” seats for the trip to take place, while the rest of the Travelers have no right to claim such a discount.


For the trip to take place a minimum number of 20 (twenty) people is required. In case the trip is canceled by the Company, the period of notice is five (5) full days before departure. In such case, the Company refunds the money collected to the Traveler, with no additional charge. Reasonable complaints during the course of the trip, should be mentioned in situ to the attendant or upon return from the trip and within seven (7) business days to the Company. The Trip Schedule and the General Conditions of Participation (CoPs) in an organized trip form an integral part of the present Contract. In case of cancellation by the Traveler, a cancellation fee is due within below mentioned time limits, unless stated otherwise for the respective trip.

Cancellations are accepted only in writing to the Company and irrespectively of the date of registration and departure of the trip and are subject to the below mentioned charges (if assignment of the reservation to another person is not possible):

  • Twenty one (21) business days before departure: 25 € for trips in Greece and 50 € for trips abroad per person (management costs).
  • From twenty (20) to fourteen (14) business days before departure: 30% of the total value of the trip.
  • From thirteen (13) to seven (7) business days before departure: 50% of the total value of the trip.
  • Six (6) business days before departure and until departure (No-Show): 100% of the total value of the trip.

For special airline fares, when the ticket has been purchased and is canceled, up to 100% of its value is charged, irrespectively of the time of reservation and cancellation of the seats. Different cancellation terms apply to cruises, in accordance with the terms of each Company’s contract that apply to each trip/cruise, which are available to you. Different cancellation terms apply to personal/individual trips, in accordance with the terms of each Airline’s fare and the cancellation policy of each hotel, agent, etc. Charges are applicable irrespectively of the time of registration or whether the respective amounts have already been payed by the Travelers or not. In case one of the two persons that are to stay in a double room cancels its participation, apart from the cancellation fee, due to the fact that the other person will necessarily have to stay in a single room, this will be charged extra. They are also charged with the participation costs for any conference, sports match tickets and other services requested on their behalf and their reimbursement is usually not possible. It is especially noted that in high seasons of Holidays Easter, Summer, holiday weekends carnival, conferences, sports and art events and other reasons for travel, due to the prepaid fares, accommodation fees, tickets and other services, cancellation fees, irrespectively of the time of seats reservation or cancellation, can reach up to 100%.

Obligations – Liabilities of the General Tourism Company:

Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company has the obligation to coordinate and carry out the trips it offers in the best way possible. Having exhausted every possibility of anticipation and care, it bears no liability for wrongful actions and neglects by third parties and their collaborators and for extraordinary circumstances, such as cancellations, delays, changes to travel itineraries (airplanes, ferries, trains, etc.) due to areas being blocked because of terrorist actions, strikes and other reasons. Neither it can anticipate or control any delays to chartered flights or to scheduled airline and ferry itineraries due to technical, meteorological or other reasons. It is pointed out that Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company is not in the position to anticipate or control circumstances which fall outside its sphere of influence that can lead to trip cancellation or damages due to non-execution or improper execution of the agreed services. Indicatively: strikes, accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disorders due to local circumstances, altitude, climate, due to meals not included in the trip schedule or due to insufficient hygienic conditions owing to external factors, injuries or hardships due to war, coups d’ état, terrorist attacks, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic infections and any other emergency or force majeure situation. In the above cases, Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company bears no liability for compensation for any damage caused due to those events. It will exhaust, however, any effort to comfort and care for the Travelers in any way, without that proving liability or obligation for the Company to cover the relevant extraordinary costs, which should be covered, as in the cases of force majeure by the Travelers themselves. Reasonable complaints, during the course of the trip, should be mentioned in situ to the attendant (or in absence of this to our Office) and to the provider of the respective service, in writing. If the problem mentioned could not be resolved in situ, upon return from the trip, you should submit in writing any relevant complaint to our Office within seven (7) business days, along with any documents or pieces of evidence you have for its justification. After the expiry of a period of 7 days, the Company is not liable to respond to any claim. After the completion of your trip, the Company will issue the tax documents provided by law, which can be received from the company’s headquarters, on the working days of the Accounting Office, i.e. Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00.

Obligations – Liabilities of the Customer/Traveler:

Participation in the organized trip requires, since there are also other participants, a proper social behavior, while full compliance with the schedule and the attendants’ instructions and timely arrival to meeting points is required. If the Traveler’s delay and failure to be on time results in missing the flight, trip, travel or other service, the Traveler will have to rejoin the team on his own responsibility and expenses and has no right to a refund for the service lost. The Company will make any possible effort to facilitate them on that. You should be at the airport or port two (2) hours before departure. Any missing of means of transportation for the trip, owing to your delay, results in the total loss of your trip, in case rejoining the rest of the team is not possible on your own expenses, with no right to a refund. The costs for rejoining the rest of the team are borne by the Travelers, while the Company makes any possible effort to help them organize that. In case the traveler discontinues their trip on their own decision and leaves the team, they have no right to any further service or compensation, while any travel costs are borne by them. In addition, the Company bears no liability for organized trip services that were not provided to the Traveler due to the neglect or responsibility of the Traveler, or due to illness. In case the customer is unable to participate in the trip they have reserved, they can assign their reservation to another person, who is eligible to participate in the respective trip, maximum ten (10) days before departure, while especially for sera travels, the time limit is twenty (20) business days before departure. In case of an outstanding amount or any additional costs of the assignment, the assignor and the assignee are jointly and severally liable towards the Company for their payment. For air travels, is not possible to change the passenger’s name, while it is permitted to cancel the current reservation or reserve a new seat, if applicable.

Personal Data Processing & Protection Policy:

The processing of your personal data performed for the provision of the Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company’s services to you, is based on the conclusion and performance of a contract. The processing of your personal data performed for marketing or promotional purposes, is based on your consent. We keep your personal data for as long as our transactional relationship lasts and for a minimum of fifteen (15) in order to fulfill our obligation to keep accurate records for tax and other administrative authorities. We keep the personal data of the persons who have given us their consent for promotional purposes until these persons declare that they no longer wish to receive newsletters or promotional material from us. Your personal data are neither shared nor published and are used solely and exclusively for the reservations. Information, such as name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail and in some cases travel document information (passport or ID card), are the absolutely necessary details to make a reservation.

The above mentioned information are used:

  1. In Airlines / Ferry Services for the issue of the airline / ferry service ticket.
  2. In Hotels / Rooms to Let / Apartments for the reservation of the room.
  3. In Museums for the issue of entry tickets.
  4. In Carrier and Car Rental Services for the car rental and the issue of the train/bus tickets.

Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company will not sell, trade or disclose to third parties information arising from the registration to and use of our website (such as names and addresses) without the user’s or customer’s consent. The above does not apply in case of a prosecutor’s warrant or other judicial intervention, when there is imminent risk for the user or for others.

Contract for Participation in Organized Trips (P.D. 339/1996):

Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company organizes and sells or resells a trip service and is responsible for its execution and the contracting customer accepts to participate in this trip, in accordance with the terms, along with the Company’s general terms of participation in organized trips and the applicable trips schedule (of our Company or a collaborating Company), for the respective time period and the respective trip, which form an integral part of the contract signed by the Traveler, accepting the General Terms of Participation and the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy of the Company.


Settlement of Disputes:

Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company is harmonized with the relevant applicable legislation, in both national and European level regarding the proper use of personal data. For the provision trip services, the Traveler consent to the processing of their personal data, such as identifiers of their identity and information regarding services used by them.

Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company and the traveler commit to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise in the performance of the contract for the organized trip. In case of failure of the relevant efforts, the parties commit to resort to the Amicable Dispute Resolution Committee of the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies and request its mediation. In case of failure of the amicable dispute resolution, the Courts of Athens are of competent jurisdiction.