35 years of experience, next to all of you ... !


Dreams Give Wings Travel “Timothy’s Family” General Tourism Company is based in Nea Makri in the historical Municipality of Marathon, while it was developed and founded by Chatzikonstantis Georgios and his spouse, Sofia, who were active in the field of tourism since 1986.

In 2003, their sons, Nikos and Giannis, enter dynamically, continuing their parents business and always having their experience and trustworthiness as their guide.

Since 2020, the business is continued by Nikos Chatzikonstantis with the aim of growing further the Company, having the vision of:

  • Continued development, by materializing new ideas and harnessing the means and capabilities offered by new technologies and the internet for our customers’ benefit.
  • Expanding the horizons of our expertise and our Company’s specialized staff, and offering even more integrated and quality services to our customers.

Our cooperation with the best and trustworthy airlines and ferry services, the continued maintenance and renewal of our Company-owned Pullmans, as well as the continued search for better hotels, along with our specialized staff, is all that makes us special to you until today.

Thank you very much!