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Athens, Sounion, Ancient Nemea, Nafplion, Ancient Olympia, Nafpaktos, Delphi, Kalampaka, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Chalkidiki, Ouranoupolis, Veria


Departure from the airport to Athens and our hotel. Arrival and arrangement/check-in in the rooms. Our Sounion Τour begins with a wonderful drive along the scenic coastal road which allows a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf, passing through some of Athens’ most beautiful suburbs (Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza). Cape Sounion rises like a sheer cliff out of the sea as one approaches the site. At Cape Sounion we will visit the Temple of Poseidon, dated from the 5th century B.C. and offering one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the world. According to legend, Cape Sounion is the spot where Aegeas, King of Athens, believing that his only son Prince Theseas was dead, jumped off the cliff, giving his name to the Aegean Sea. The wind-swept Cape Sounion was an obvious choice for a sanctuary of Poseidon, where the sailors might offer a last sacrifice to appease the mighty God of the Sea before leaving the comparative safety of the Saronic Gulf for the perils of the open Aegean Sea.  The archaic temple was destroyed by the Persians in 480 B.C. and a new one was built in its place in 440 B.C. by Pericles.  The contrast between the 12 white remaining Doric columns and the deep blue of the sea is still as spectacular as in the days of Lord Byron, who carved his name on the marble. We will have lunch at a seaside tavern. Return to our hotel. Overnight stay.

* The Tour in Sounion depends on the time of arrival of travelers


After breakfast we depart for a City Tour starting from the Panathenaic Stadium known as Kallimarmaro. In Antiquity, the Stadium was used for Panathenea, the celebration held in honor of Goddess Athena. Free time for photos will be given. With the bus we will be heading for Zappeion Hall, the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, which is a symbolic monument dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who died fighting for their country. Passing along Panepistimiou Street, one of the most known and central streets of Athens, we will end up in the triad of neoclassical buildings: The Library, the Academy and the University. Coming next is our most important visit in the center of Athens, Acropolis. Here we will have the chance to admire magnificent monuments, such as Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, the Propilaia, the Ancient Agora, the theatre of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. We will have time for a tour in Parthenon Monument, which was built in the 5th century B.C by the architects Ictinus and Kallikrates. A visit in the New Acropolis Museum follows, which mainly includes findings of the archaeological area of Acropolis. The Museum first opened in 2009 and the building was designed by French-Swiss Benar Tschumi. It is considered one of the most beautiful museums. After that, we will have a guided tour followed by free time in the old historical neighborhood of Plaka, a district in the center of Athens, near the Acropolis. In the afternoon we will return to our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast departure for Peloponnese. Our first stop will be the Isthmus of Corinth. It is a narrow strip of land 6 kilometres in length joining Central Greece with Peloponnese. We will have free time to take photos. Then we begin with Ancient Nemea, a village of the Prefecture of Corinthia, famous ancient city known by the mythical lion which Hercules Killed. In Greek mythology, the Nemean Lion was a lion that lived in the region of Nemea and dread fear. It was Tyfonos and Echidna’s descendant. Killing the lion was the first feat assigned to Hercules by Evrythea. Hercules fought with bare hands against the beast and strangled it. The dead body of the Lion was transferred by Gods in Heaven and formed the constellation of Leo. We will see the ruins of the Temple of Nemean Zeus. Only three columns and some parts of the others have survived. There wines Appellation of Origin of High Quality are produced. There we will taste famous wines at a Traditional Winery. Our next visit is Mycenae. It was an ancient city of Argolis and one of the largest Greek culture centres forming a strong military fortress. We shall visit the Kingdom of Mythical Agamemnon whom first Homer praised in his epics. Then we start for the capital of the prefecture Argolis, Nafplion. It is one of the most scenic cities in the country and it was the first capital of Greek state during the period 1828 – 1833. You will have free time to explore the picturesque streets of the city *. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

* Our Company will provide, for all travelers, a sightseeing Train Tour” in Nafplion, without any extra charge.


After breakfast we will be heading to for Ancient Olympia. It was a city of Ancient Greece, known as the venue of the Olympic Games. In Olympia stood the chryselephantine statue of Zeus, which during Antiquity was known as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Ιt will follow a guided tour in the Archaeological Museum and the stadium. Its capacity is 45.000 spectators. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight.


After breakfast we will depart from the Ancient Olympia and our today’s tour starts with Nafpaktos. It is a coastal town situated in the Corinth Gulf. City with great history. It appears in 1104 B.C. with the Dorians. It is known for the naval battle that was taken place in 1571 between Christians and Turks. We will have free time to wander in the picturesque Venetian harbor. Then we will depart for Delphi, an ancient Greek city in which the most important Oracle of ancient Greek world was operated. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after breakfast. We will be guided around to the Archaeological Site and the Museum in Delphi. We will have free time for lunch. Then we start for Kalambaka. A town in the Trikala prefecture built in a rare geological phenomenon of Meteora. It is a cluster of huge dark colored stones made of sandstone. The name Meteora is attributed to the monk of the monastery, Agios Athanasius the Meteorite. Arrival in Kalambaka and our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast departure for Meteora. We will have the chance to enjoy the panoramic ride and visit two of the monasteries, in which visitation is allowed. Then we will be heading the second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. It was founded by the ascendant of Alexander the Great, Cassander. Arrival at our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast we will have a City Tour in Thessaloniki. Then, we will visit the Ancient Colony of Philippi. It was built in 356 B.C. by Alexander’s father, Philip II. We will see the Ancient Theatre, the Church of Philippi, founded by Apostle Paul in 49 a.D. It was the first church in European territory. Then we will visit the Baptistery of St. Lydia of Filippisias. Following that, we will visit a Traditional Winery where you will taste local wines. Return to our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


Departure after breakfast. We will visit the last coastal settlement of the Prefecture of Chalkidiki before going to Mount Athos. Boarding the ship for a cruise to Mount Athos. Return to Ouranoupolis. Free time for lunch. Depart for Thessaloniki and our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast we will depart for the capital of Imathia, which name is Veria. It is built at the foot of Mount Vermio. We will have free time to visit the Step of Apostle Paul. Then we depart for Vergina, where we will visit the museum with the four tombs, two of which are the most significant, and a small shrine, the Heroes Garden. Two of the tombs are the most significant, the one of Philip II and the other of Alexander the fourth. Then, we will have free time for lunch. We will depart for Athens and arrival at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.



After breakfast we will depart from Athens to the airport.

We present you various proposals of excursions but also we can customize our services “depending on your needs”.



  • Temple of Poseidon

  • Kallimarmaro

  • Acropolis

  • Parthenon

  • Isthmus of Corinth

  • Mycenae

  • Archaeological Museum of Olympia

  • Archaeological Museum of Delphi

  • Meteora

  • White Tower

  • Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

  • Ancient Colony of Philippi

  • Baptistery of S. Lydia

  • Cruise to Mount Athos

  • Vergina

  • Mount Vermio

  • Step of Apostle Paul

  1. Acropolis

  2. Parthenon

  3. Archaeological site of Mycenae

  4. Archeological Site of Olympia

  5. Archaeological Site of Delphi

  6. Meteora

  7. Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki

  8. Mount Athos

  9. Archaeological Site of Aigai

  10. Vergina

Extra Tips (without extra charge):

Sightseeing “Train Tour” in Nafplion, without any extra charge
Time to taste famous wines at a Traditional Winery


Memorable Folklore Night: Enjoy your dinner watching a folklore show