Thermopylae – Lichadonisia Cruise”

Special Daily Tour / Unique Program

We start our One Day Tour from Thermopylae, which is a location in Greece where in antiquity existed narrow coastal passage. Its name derives from its hot sulphur springs. “Hot gates” is also “the place of hot springs and cavernous entrances to Hades. Thermopylae is primarily known for the battle that took place there between the Greek forces including the Spartans and the Persian forces. We will visit the “Thermopylae’s Innovative Centre of Historical Information”. The Centre of Historical Information in Thermopylae consists of three halls, the applications of which have been curated by the Foundation of the Hellenic World. The collection of the educational material is based on Herodotus’ History and on archaeological researches. We will make an intermediate stop at Kamena Vourla. The town was formerly known as Palaiochori. Then, we will depart by boat for a unique cruise on Lichadonisia islands. The island complex is the creation of volcanic energy and is a single volcanic formation. Large portions of the islands were submerged by a great earthquake in 426 BC. According to mythology, the Lichadonisia were formed by parts of the body of Lichas. Deianira, Hercules’ wife, who thought that he was cheating on her, sent with Lichas a poisoned shirt. When Hercules wore the shirt began to suffer from terrible pain and furious grabbed Lichas and hurled him to the sea. From his parts were formed Lichadonisia Islands that are located on the northwest side of Euboea, between Maliakos and Northern Gulf of Euboea. Lichadonisia are ideal for underwater fishing and water sports (skiing, surfing etc).